We use superior building materials and processes

familyfun-logoThe most essential structural element of any swimming pool is the wall. We build all of our pools using the Family Fun Wall, a distinctive material that is remarkably different from any other fiberglass wall used in swimming pools.

The patented UNIWALLTM surface is mirror-smooth, which eliminates the need for additional gel coats or acrylic finishes.  What’s more, our wall becomes self-supporting when reinforced with pockets of concrete. This combination of wall and concrete gives you unsurpassed strength and versatility. You simply cannot find anything comparable on the market. Our pools last longer and look better because we use superior building materials and construction processes developed with more than 40 years of experience.

More importantly, this concrete-reinforced wall construction protects you from frost damage that may be susceptible in other pool building methods. The strength, flexibility and durability of The Family Fun Wall give you another incredible advantage – you have the freedom to design your own pool to any size and any shape. Imagine having a Classic Pool designed and built to fit your very own backyard and family lifestyle. Let your imagination soar!

The pool finish on the concrete bottom is plaster with 3MTM ColorquartzTM. The finish that is rich in beauty and extremely durable, and comes with the promise of long-lasting enjoyment.

We’ve been building pools using the finest, state-of-the-art construction methods used by the best pool construction companies in the world for 40 years. Our reputation is built on quality, beauty and durability.

My wife and I are so excited to be enjoying the first full season of our Classic built pool. The pool and patio were so beautifully designed and constructed and are bringing such fun and relaxation to our lives with our friends and family. Realizing of course that this was a HUGE lifestyle investmen…