We recommend the Polaris VAC-SWEEP R280 Pool Cleaner

Cleaning your pool used to be time-consuming and tedious. Not any more! With the Polaris Vac-Sweep R280, you can clean your pool in less than three hours – a fraction of what’s required with other cleaners.

The 280 features the legendary Polaris reputation for superior engineering, quality and support. It meets our own rigorous standards of quality and performance, and that’s why we provide one absolutely free with every pool installation.

The powerful booster pump is the difference. The 280 runs off a separate booster pump, working independently from the rest of your pool system. This enables the 280’s double jets to provide greater vacuuming power, which means faster cleanings. The 280 vacuums, sweeps and scrubs the bottom and walls of any size pool: concrete, fiberglass or vinyl. The extra large bottom opening picks up large debris – like leaves, acorns and pebbles.

The Polaris Vac-Sweep comes ready to connect to a 1.5 inch dedicated pressure feeder line. You also get 31 feet of feed hose with this model.

The Polaris 280 is one of the few cleaners powered by the pressure of clean water returning to your pool. Its unique filter bag removes any debris before it reaches your pump basket or filter. This alone can reduce filter cleanings by up to 80 percent a year, thus prolonging the life of your filtration system.

You can learn more about Polaris products here.